Ernest & Julio Gallo

We have promoted Gallo wines at summer concerts and outdoor events for the last 7 years, communicating Gallo’s award winning wines and brand messages by implementing and managing an annual 3 month roadshow. The fantastic Gallo Family Vineyard Marquee has been taken to some of the best outdoor concerts in Great Britain, which include venues such as Kenwood House, Castle Howard, Tatton Park, Leeds Castle and Blenheim Palace, to name a few. Gallo wine is exclusively sampled and sold to consumers within crowds of up to 15,000 an evening.

In 2005, we were lucky enough to attend the Live8 concert in London’s Hyde Park, where a range of Gallo wines were poured in the Media, VIP and Artist’s tents. 2006 saw the change from ‘Ernest & Julio Gallo’ to ‘Gallo Family Vineyards’. It was important to communicate this to consumers, via the roadshow, which proved to be a powerful tool in helping to implement the change. 2007 continued to be a very busy concert series and we managed our highest sampling targets ever.

In 2008, a National Sampling activity was carried out in Multiples across the country during their Wine Fayres.